About us

Ever dreamed of leaving all this dull routine and moving to a range far, far away? Well, so you understand the protagonist of Slime Rancher. Any of us is Beatrix LeBeau a little.

What do ranchers do in outer space? The same as they do on Earth, despite the fact that they have to handle some very unusual creatures. Constructing and breeding, experimenting on hybridization and utilizing the results. But it’s all so beautiful there!

If we sold real estate on Far Far Ranch, we’d highlight the following:

  • Beautiful sky with only one sun, so it’s easy to enjoy
  • Fantastic colored environment
  • Gravity similar to that on Earth
  • Funny and demanded various slimes to breed
  • Place for infinite creativity
  • Always more to explore!

No wonder that travel of Beatrix got so many awards! So all of us who have been there will spend much more time on that planet, and we invite you to join us. And after your trip, you’ll certainly want some material evidence to show off. Don’t deny. You want it!

Alas, we couldn’t offer you a ticket to a Far Far Range, as the access is still limited. Bringing you a real working slime vacpack would be too expensive. But still we got something in the store, so let’s look and see.