Slime Rancher - How to Beat the Game

Whether you are on holidays, have a free weekend or a few more hours without your boss in the office, this guide is for you. Join these incredibly colorful adventures on a Ranch, surrounded by slime. Become the legend among Slime Ranchers.

If you were wondering how to be the best Slime Rancher, how to beat the game, here are a few tips for you. But first things first. No matter whether you are new to the game or already experienced player, you need to start with something.

Fabulous beginning

Your first appearance in the game can be nothing special, dull and quick. As a proud owner of own Ranch, you’ll receive a lot of responsibilities and face even more dangers. You may consider making an epic start.

As you have eight plots inside the game, here is a quick tip for you – invest in Gardens and Corrals. Sounds easy? Not so fast! They are real treasures and luxury for such newbie as you. To afford them, begin to collect Plorts.

Plorts are easier to found when you come to The Dry Reef. Just don’t think that plorts are nothing more than Slimes’ poo. Don’t imagine how Slime consumes food and produces Plort for you. While you meet Pink Slimes the most often, and they eat any food as well, make sure they have something to eat. You can just give them food and wait for Plorts.

Go to the Plort Market to sell it for cash, after you’ll notice that Vacpack is already full. Now take the cash and buy Corrals. Don’t waste your precious time in the game.

Corralin’ is the key to how to win slime rancher game

Don’t stop the process after a few successful trades. Continue to gather Corrals. Go back to the reef and suck Rock and Pink Slimes. Why choose Rock Slimes? Well, they are on a better diet, so the Plort from them is more expensive. Why haven't you started with them from the beginning? Rock Slimes are spiky and you can hurt yourself.

Pick enough rock and pink Slimes go back to the ranch to change it into Corrals. Make sure you don’t mix more than 2 different Slimes together or there will be a really unpleasant surprise. Now you may start your own Slime farm. They will live at the Ranch and produce Plorts after you feed them. While pink slimes are eating everything, rock slimes are vegetarians that prefer Heart Beets.

Start your Garden

Not all Plorts must be exchanged on Corrals. You may want to save some cash to make another investment in your future, as a successful Rancher. Start your own Garden.

This will save you time and money. You Slimes need to feed all the time. This is a repetitive process without end. You may want to grow crops in your garden. After it will be harvested, you may feed Slimes. The ideal number is up to 3 vegetable crops for Slimes.

Now you can work in your garden and still collecting Plorts while harvest is growing. Upgrade the walls of Corrals to raise the capacity of your Slime. Don’t worry, your investments will be doubled some day.

Make farming fancy

After you put so much effort into building the Ranch, it has to look great. And now you can make your life there easier. Take the money you gathered from Slimes’ Plorts and put it into the auto feeder and auto collector of Plort.

With this upgrade you may concentrate on other tasks of the game. Auto feeder will give the vegetables you gathered to Slimes and plort collector helps to deal with dangerous species. Instead of dealing with rock slimes yourself, vacuum their plort standing outside.

There is an upgrade for Garden as well. Increase yields, speed up the raise of crops. This will help to feed Slimes and to make them valuable for you.

Explore the world and expand your territories

Your business is booming and the ranch is growing. Now you are thinking about going further. Here are a few options in the game, you can either expand your ranch or see the world. Exploring helps to speed up the progress. You can find Gordo Slimes on new territories. They are rare and require lots of food. But they can produce Slime Key that opens more territories.

The game was made to entertain everyone who loves to be a part of evolution process and see how its creation grows. Graphics are fascinating, and slime is adorable. There is no chance you’ll want to miss such opportunity to spend free time with.