Slime Rancher how to get ornaments and what to do with ornaments

What are the ornaments? They are mainly decorative, small and spherical cute items that first appeared in Slime Rancher’s update Wiggly Wonderland. Their second batch was introduced in Party Gordo Update, and the 3 more appeared in The Optimization Update. Right now, there are 38 unique colorful Ornaments in the game.

New creatures have similar difficult behavior as Chimes and Echoes. They float in the place after shot from your mechanical Vacpack. After associated with the game event is over, all the ornaments that you have managed to gather will remain.

They can be gathered during time-limited special events in Slime Rancher. Company developers announce the new appearance of Ornaments beforehand. These cuties usually available starting the midnight.

It is also known that they appeared in crates on the ranch. Each of such crates can have one of three unique ornaments. There is another chance to receive ornaments. By taking part in the seasonal giveaway, making screenshots of holiday display at the Slime Ranch and sharing it with friends, adding a hashtag.

The first appearance of ornaments took place from the 20th of December 2017 to the 1st January of 2018. There were 15 ornaments appeared at this period of time. It happened during Wiggly Wonderland celebration inside the game.

After that, developers of the game released 20 more cuties. It happened during Party Weekend, in Party Gordo edition. Two types of ornaments were represented during the week. However, there were almost no chances to catch seasonal ornaments.

While all of these Ornaments are looking like small colorful balls, they have different theme decorations. Some of them look seasonal. For example, there are Jack Ornament with Pumpkin Jack’s head on it, or Clover Ornament with the clover inside, that reminds us of St. Patrick’s Day, Snowflake Ornament with the white snowflake on light blue background brings Christmas associations. Others have bird faces or just stripes on them.

Almost all of the Slime rancher ornaments have Echoes in them. Also, they all were created based on baubles. And while it is not possible to receive ornaments outside the special events dates, the game still runs off from your computer clock. We strongly don’t recommend messing up with your computer’s clock to receive ornaments. It can cause problems with the game’s backup. You may do it at your own risk.

Briar Ornaments will be available at the period of 26th-28th of April, 2019. Saber Ornaments have no associations. Meanwhile, Party Crates can still be accessible after the Party Weekend. If you found and open it, there is a chance you will catch pink or rare species. Jack Ornaments can be reached from the 30th of October until the 1st of November.

How to get ornaments?

As it was already mentioned above, you can trick the system and change the date on your PC. Make sure that the game is off when you do this. But it is really tricky and risky, and you can have problems with the system and game afterward.

Another option is to wait passionately for the new seasonal events and celebrations. It is easier. There are new holidays that are coming soon. All you have to do is remember the dates of these holidays and enter the game during them. And don’t forget to visit the game during the weekends.

Why do you need Ornaments?

Well, the first obvious reason is that they are too adorable. Another one is that you can collect the whole pack. After that, you can tell your friends about them make photos of them and place into your scrapbook. Do you need more reasons?

Obviously, they were made to be decorations of your Ranch. So, they are basically useless for many of us. Especially if you gathered a lot of Christmas ornaments and now is July and you don’t know where to hide them not to remind you of winter. Still, if you want to make your farm pretty, you need these decorations. You can always try to mark the treasure pods that you can’t open for now with them.

Slime Rancher is a fun and light game. Its Ornaments don’t have to go with some deep sense behind. The main idea is to have fun and be as creative as it is possible. Decorate your Ranch with these glowing creatures and enjoy the view.