Slime rancher how to open map

Slime Rancher is a beautiful game with amazing Slime creatures that look more like colorful candies and produce valuable Plorts. However, there is much more in the game you may want to do, except the sitting on the Ranch and taking care of Slime. There is a whole new world outside that is waiting for you to explore.

It is all in the slime rancher map locations, which you will have to use to not get lost and open new lands for you. The map is called The Map of Far, Far Range, and is a new feature in the game brought by 1.0.1 Update in the Navigation.

At first, your map is blank and featureless. It can be filled after the activation of Map Data Nodes.  And map data nodes are interactive special objects in the game that can unlock the area on the map. Every time it opens new area, you may see the location place of Treasury pods.

How to bring the Map?

It is easy. You need just press M if you are playing the PC version. If you have this game on Xbox, press D-pad Right. Static filter activates when is located at the area far from the known biome. Use + or – buttons to zoom in or zoom out the Map. You can also use the scroll wheel of your mouse to zoom the picture if you are playing on PC.

The Map Nodes

You may have already got it. To unlock the map you need to find map nodes. They are hidden in all of Slime Range regions. So, it is another treasure hunt for gamers. Every area has its own node. Let’s find out together where to find them and how to open. There is a big spoiler alert, so if you want to do everything on your own, without any special hints, stop reading it.

Dry Reef

Go to the Ranch of yours. You will start your path there. Run to the Dry Reef by following the closest to the water path. Find the area that has a cave and water geyser. Stop there and face the water. There is a map of this area on the left side, close to the ledge.

Indigo Quarry

This map node is also not really complicated to find. And it definitely brings more colors to this world once it is activated. The node is hidden by tricky developers inside the cave that you may have seen during your quest for the first Rock Gordo. If you don’t remember it is ok. Go back to the Ranch. Now head to the Grotto and pass the cave. Use the teleport to Gordo’s cave. Move a little bit forward and face the opposite wall. The map node will be on the left from exit.

Moss Blanket

Do you notice how fascinating it is to explore this Slime’s world by simply trying to activate the map? Now you have to pass the bridge, and open the door to the Moss Blanket area. It will be at the end of the bridge. After that, pass the huge center area and find numerous ledges on the other side of it. Hop on it straight to the plateau with a big tree. There you will find another node.

Ancient Ruins

There is something exciting hidden behind this name. Find out what it is, by opening the node. You don’t have to go back to the Ranch after you traveled so far. So, once you are already at the Moss Blanket, find the east direction, and go there. It will take you to the Ancient Ruins. You will see amazing gigantic gates decorated with some dashing ornaments. Go through them. Try to head directly to the center of this area. Now, when you reached the center go to the right and find the map there. It is close to the Glass Dessert teleporter hallways.

Glass Desert

You may already understand what you need to do next. The Glass Dessert is the last location and you have already found all the nodes of previous territories. There is no turning back option. Be brave and go directly to the teleport. Let your future doesn't scare you. This teleport travels from Ancient Ruins to Glass Dessert that is surprise-surprise the main place for hidden blue treasure pods. Keep this information in mind. You’ll need it one day.

Now you need to go to the tower, the location of Tangle Gordo. You don’t need to go far from it. Just head to the ground level and reach for the back side of the tower. There you will find the map node of Glass Dessert. Do you see it? No? Look beneath this beautiful stone circle.

What do you need the map for?

The map allows you to track important things in the game. It will make life of the player easier and allow you to concentrate on other things:

Gordo icons are opened on the map once Gordo slime has been fed for the first time. Now you can track Snared and Wild species.

Keys are not really tracked there. Still, it shows how many of them were collected if the Map Node is activated.

Extractors can be seen on the map as well after the Extractor is placed. Every type of extractor has its own icon on the map.

Teleporters made by players have found its place on the map too. It does not matter if they are linked or not, they will be revealed on the map. Each icon is unique and highlighted by the color.

Treasure pods may not be tracked directly. The map shows only those pods that already have been opened after the Node was activated.

Slime Rancher Map exploration is a whole new quest in this game. It gives you the opportunity to learn the territory and see the main attraction of this world. Have fun on your way to new areas.