Slime Rancher V1.4.0 Update 2019!

Slime Rancher is a first-person, sandbox game by the indie studio, Monomi Park. The game is
available in Windows, MacOS, Linux, PS4 and Xbox One. In the game, you control a slime
rancher character named Beatrix LeBeau, the setting of the game is in a distant alien world
called ‘Far Far Range.’

Life is as a slime rancher in Far Far Range consists of building your own ranch and exploring
the wilderness to collect, breed, and feed cute gelatinous organisms called slimes. Played by
over 5 million people and has a 98% score on Steam, Slime Rancher has been a great success
in the gaming industry.

V1.4.0 Update Log

This latest slime rancher update dubbed the ‘Viktor’s Experimental Update’ introduces a new
concept and some new gadgets that will help players in many ways, shapes, and forms.


Viktor Humphries has created a working (Well, almost) simulation of the world of Far Far
Range. However, bugs, in the form of glitchy slimes. Viktor needs your help to turn over
these ‘bugs’ and help him perfect his slime-ulation.

Glitch… Slimes?

These glitchy little gelatins can morph into anything and hide from your view. Capture them
and escape from the unstable simulation before the corruption spreads. Once you leave the
simulations, these Glitch Slimes will turn into ‘Bug Reports.’ You can then hand over these
bug reports to Viktor in exchange for new tech!

Be careful, however, as these Glitch Slimes has a chance to escape your tank if you ever get
damaged. They can be hard to spot, but Viktor’s patented ‘Debug Spray’ will be able to help
your search for them. When moving, these slimes leave a glitchy or pixelated trail behind,
which will also help you locate them. Also remember that these slimes can pretend to be
anything, from a regular slime to a tree.

Unfortunately, however, these slimes cannot be added to your ranch as another species.
When you leave the simulation, they will turn into bug reports, meaning, you can’t bring
them to your ranch.

New Gadgets!

Along with this new event, new gadgets will also be invented in the world of Far Far Range.
These gadgets will add new mechanisms to your ranch and will help you on your quest of
taking care of your precious little slimes.

  1. Advance Drones. Your normal bee-like drones will be outmatched by this new and
    enhanced drone. The Advance Drones will be able to handle two programs instead of
    the standard ones. Meaning, you can gather your crops and feed your slimes all with
    one drone instead of two! Quite handy, isn’t it?
  2. Portable Water Tap. This new invention is a portable water source that you can bring
    with you. It is small and can be used to refill your tank when you can’t find a pond or
    water source anywhere. Can’t have you being thirsty now, can you?
  3. Chicken Cloner. It’s in the name. It clones chickens. Maybe. The Chicken Cloner is an
    experimental gadget that can perfectly clone your chickens. Whether it can perfectly
    work, however, is still up to debate. Try it out and see for yourself!


This Decorizer is a new storage device that could be acquired through the ‘7Zee Rewards
Club’ as a ‘Mid-tier Prize.’ A lot of players are looking forward to this new device, and it is for
a reason. It is a handy tool that can manage and clean up your ranch’s decorative items like
Echoes and ornaments.

New DLC!

Monomi Park has said that they’re developing a new paid cosmetic DLC in where you can re-
skin every slime you have. From angelic phosphor slimes to striped tiger tabbies, this purely
cosmetic DLC adds new and exotic forms to you slimes!

When is the Next Update for Slime Rancher?

With nearly 20 updates so far, the game’s V1.4.0 Update is becoming a huge hype for
gamers and fans. If you are one of these fans, you may want to ask when this next Slime
Rancher update will be released. However, the team over at Monomi Park only announced
that would be released this summer 2019.

When is the next update for Slime Rancher on Xbox One, you ask? Well, considering that
Monomi Park is based in America, the update will be released around June to September for
PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Monomi Park has announced that Viktor’s Experimental Update is the last planned content
update. There will be optimization updates, but whether or not there will be new content
updates in the future remains a question.

The company has also handed over the Slime Rancher project to another team as the main
team is working on a new game. Monomi Park promises that the new team can work just as
well as the first and will not affect gameplay in any means.

The Final Verdict

The new Slime Rancher update will give players a lot of new items and concepts. Players are
sure to flock all over this new update. You won’t need to do anything as Steam has an ‘Auto-
update’ feature. This will make it handy so that you don’t need to be troubled with manually
updating your game.

Make sure to watch out for this Experimental Update! Mark your calendars. Summer 2019 is
the date, don’t miss out on this new update! If you haven’t owned this game yet, then it is
high time for you to do so. The game has sold 2 million copies from Steam, and it would not
be a waste for you to become a part of the Slime Rancher Community.

Play the game and take a look at those cute and wonderful slimes. Make sure to stay tuned
for the update. Happy Ranching!