Slime Rancher Tips Slime Rancher became one of the most popular games since its early release in 2016. It has colorful graphics and user-friendly interface, but first of all, it is popular for its outstanding plot. You’ve heard it, not ploRt. You may have been a farmer in hundreds of games. But have you been a farmer who raises Slimes for receiving their feces? Doubtfully. Tarrs and Largo Slimes This happens in the game, so don’t get taken by surprise. After one slime eats the Plort of another type of slime, huge globs are created. Usually, this slime inherits some characteristics of its kinsman which Plort it ate. For example, when Rock Slime eats a Plort of Pink Slime, it becomes Pink Rock Largo. Largo gives two Plorts instead of one, after it eats, for each part of its new identity. Still, there are some boundaries even for plort-eating slimes. They will not eat slime of their own species. So, no Pink or Rock Plorts for a Pink Rock Largo. It eats other types of Plort. Let’s call it the third-party Plort. When it does that, you may receive a Tarr on your Ranch. Here are some slime rancher tips 2019 for you of how to deal with a Tarr: Throw them into the sea Spray them with pond or geyser water Throw them into the pond If you don’t want to get dirty, just leave Tarr somewhere in the empty area far from you. You can come back later as it will dissipate after a while. Be ready, that it will eat all other slimes in this area. The life on the Ranch is tough, so you better be ready to make hard decisions. The importance of making your slime happy You don’t want to see an angry slime. And the best option is to feed them on time. Food makes them happy, like all of us. The lack of food makes them try to escape from the Corral where they live on Ranch. Sometimes they are trying to get to other slimes. Some of their original bad habits can get stronger when they hungry. Pink slime will stack into a tower against the wall. The best option is to feed them. Picking between Largos and normal It is your choice to make. You can raise normal or Largo slime. You can have different types on your Ranch. One day you’ll want to extend the Ranch and add more species. Largos will need 3 times more space than normal. And yet, they will give twice more Plorts. What about normal slime? It has two main benefits: They are smaller and can co-exist together in one Corral, which they don’t mind to live in Slimes usually have favorite foods, aside from Pink one which eats everything. Once you are feeding them with favorites they give you two Plorts Pink Slime Let’s talk about one of the most popular slimes in the Slime World. Usually, it is the first slime you’ll have to face on your first assignment. They have the least expensive Plort, but they can eat everything, they are easy to handle. Their main bad habit is to stack atop each other and try to escape. This happens a lot when they are hungry. But good news is they eat anything. Tabby Slime They are favorites of many gamers. They look so cute, it is hard to resist. And yet, they do have their dark sides. Once they are unhappy, they will escape so quick, you would not even notice they are gone. They can even be fed, they just have fun this way. Some of them may still be outside their Corral waiting for you to let them back. But they have other things to irritate you. Sometimes they pick up food that can’t eat and carry it with them. They can take crops they don’t want to eat if you are keeping them free. Their favorite dish is Stony Hens. Still, they also love any meat. Rock Slime Rock Slime is a harmful one. They are not hostile, but you need to be careful with them anyway. They are adorable in a peaceful state of mind like to roll around. This is when you’d better stay away. They love vegetables and don’t try to escape anywhere. Their favorite option is Heart Beet, which is rare, but other vegetables are easy to grow. Rock Slime Largos are too big and hard to take care of. Phosphor Slime It can be raised on the ranch once you install Solar Shield to the Corral. Their natural habitat is Grotto, mainly because it is always dark there. They reveal all their beauty in the dark. Their favorite food is fruit. They love Cuberry. Phosphor Slime can fly as they have wings. Usually, it is short distances only. So you need to keep them in Corral with Air Net on it. They can grab each other when flying to the top of Corrals. Sometimes it is when they are trying to escape. The best option is not to keep many of them in one Corral. Boom Slime They can’t be reached until you unlock Moss Blanket territory. They usually explode, and extremely hard to raise. Even standing outside the cage you are taking risks. Their Plort costs 30 Newbucks. Feed them Briar Hen to keep happy. Honey Slime It appears after you unlock Moss Blanket. Sweet and adorable, and other slimes love their Plorts. You need to constantly watch that other slimes don’t break to Honey Slime cage. Their favorite food is fruits, especially Mint Mango. Puddle Slime You can find them hiding in ponds. They prefer water to the land where they can disappear as well as their Plorts. They need Pond plot. They don’t eat. They produce Puddle Plort every six hours. Gold Slime This is the best thing that can happen to you. The real treasure. Their Plorts cost lots of money. They can’t be captured or raised. Developers promise to extend the line of your pets on Ranch. For now, there are tons of things to do besides constantly feeding forever hungry slime creatures. If you want to be successful in this game, it is important to follow short instructions and get familiar with the game.   Continue Reading Slime rancher game: how to open treasure pods For starters, if you want to open Treasure Pods in this game, you need to get Treasure Cracker. While all the Treasure Pods are hidden from treasure hunters like you, and they are extremely hard to find, you can pick up Treasure Cracker in no time.  But to do this, you need to read instructions first. There is not everything just about searching for plorts and collecting them to exchange for upgrades of your Ranch. The map of Slime’s world is really something! You may find some hidden treasures in the least expected places. There are dozens of pods hidden on your path. What are the Treasure Pods? Treasure Pods are mysterious round-shaped objects that can be found on the Far Far Range. Each of them rewards Beatrix with a special blueprint for gadgets Slime Science, Slime Science Resources or Decoration, and sometimes, in very rare cases, Golden Plorts. None of them can be opened with ease. There is a trick for everything in the game, so you have to use Cracker. No magic keys are hidden under the rock. But it would not be so interesting if it was so easy. Right? Getting Treasure Cracker in the game The main key to Treasure Pods is in a Treasure Cracker. If you know how to get it, you know everything. Well, almost everything. But this is a turning point in the game. All you have to do is to get a Lab in the game. The lab will be opened for 10 000 Newbucks. So, you need to gather much more plorts. After you unlock the Lab, don’t rush in. The Extractor must complete its 1st cycle. After it will be done, go to the Vacpack Upgrades. You will find Treasure Cracker MKI there if you will look carefully. It costs 4 500 Newbucks. This tool helps you to open Treasure Pods with green color, that you can find playing Slime Rancher. If you wondering where to find green pods, here is a hint for you: Indigo Quarry, Dry Reef, Ancient Ruins, Moss Blanket. Go there, pay attention to everything. However, if you paid attention to what we just discussed, you may have noticed that this model does not open other pods, in purple and blue colors. You will need to upgrade the Treasure Cracker basic model. So, you need to go back to the Lab again. Now you have to create Gadgets inside the Lab. MKII model will be available after you build 35 Gadgets. It costs 9 000 Newbucks. After that, you can open blue Treasure Pods as well as green. Blue pods are normally can be met in Glass Desert. Go there, enjoy the view, and search for treasuries. What about the Purple one? The price for it is 100 Gadgets, build in Lab. It will update your Cracker to MKIII version. Now you can open green, blue and purple pods that you have found in the game.  MKIII costs 25 000 Newbucks. Purple pods are better than others just because they can be found everywhere in the game. You don’t have to travel across the map there. Still, they are the hardest to open, for obvious reasons. So, the short manual for you is to unlock the Lab – search Vackpack upgrades for Treasure Cracker – upgrade it by building Gadgets – 35 for MKII model – 100 for MKIII version. What is hidden in the slime rancher game treasure pods? It is a normal question after all the hard work you were willing to do and the money you’ve spent. Since there are lots of treasure pods with different stuff inside, you will have to find out what contains this or that pod on your own. Usually, they contain science blueprints, golden plorts, random but useful resources, or more decorations for the Ranch. While Golden Plorts is a rare catch, it can boost your finances. To make it easier for gamers, developers pointed out direct numbers of pots you can gather in the game. Green Pods There are 19 green treasure pods you can find in Slime Rancher: 2 at the Ancient Ruins 4 at the Indigo Quarry 6 at the Moss Blanket 7 at the Dry Reef Blue Pods There are 29 blue pods in total: 4 at the Moss Blanket 6 at the Dry Reef 6 at the Ancient Ruins 6 at the Indigo Quarry 7 pods at the Glass Dessert Purple Pods There are 37 different purple treasure pods which can be met almost everywhere: 2 at the Dry Reef 6 at the Ancient Ruins 6 at the Indigo Quarry 7 at the Moss Blanket 16 at the Glass Dessert While there are already a lot of treasures you can gather, developers of the game assure that there are more upcoming updates. While treasure pods bring some intrigue at the game, they are also very useful to the Ranch. Now you can gather and open them to make your life on the Ranch even more exciting.   Continue Reading