Slime Rancher is the game you either love or misunderstand. But you’re not the latter case, so you’re here. What can we bring you from the Far Far Range?

Well, we’ve farmed some slimes and made up some amazing hybrids that hit the market. It was enough to set up a textile manufacture on Far Far Range, and we gladly represent what we brought. Sorry for so few positions, but spacecraft cargo capacity isn’t perfect yet.

In this stuff, you’ll bring the evidence of extraterrestrial life and human ability to adjust and survive. You select unusual worlds and unearthly landscapes. You’re ready to work on breeding and growing, farming and exploring. Your Slime Rancher clothing will tell the world!

  • Slime Rancher caps. Straight from the planet! Protect your head from space radiation and mental effects from alien lifeforms! Just for $9.99
  • Slime Rancher T-shirts. Perfect when you need to get your jobs done, with no constraint on your body. Just for $15.99
  • Slime Rancher sweatshirts. Well-suited for extraterrestrial climatic conditions, with added protection from slime effects! Just for $20.99

No earthly or extraterrestrial animal was harmed in the making of these clothes!

Email us to ask about exact pricing, your size, or how we managed to deliver it all to the Earth.


Send us an email

Send us an email